Lauren & Scott's Wedding

     It was a rainy and raw day in New England, but that did not stop Lauren & Scott's wedding taking place just how Lauren always envisioned it.  The outdoor ceremony at Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth may have had guests holding umbrellas over their heads, but that did not seem to rattle Lauren who handled the day's inclement weather with grace and calmness. Poised and stunning as she walked down the aisle to marry Scott, who waited beaming at his beautiful bride, seemingly unfazed by the clouds above.  Maybe, that's what we all need to remember in our relationships or marriages, that life does not always go as expected or planned.   So, just roll with it, walk thru the rain and keep smiling, because if you have someone smiling back at you that's all you need...

Congratulations Lauren & Scott!

xo, Lisa
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