The Photographer's Around the Town Images...

Ok, so the thing is this.  Even though photography is my job, it doesn't mean that I leave my camera at home, "when I'm off the clock."  Photographers who love their craft, I can assure you NEVER think in those black and white terms of "on the job or off the job."  It would be like asking a dancer not to move her body when she hears a rhythmic beat and only to perform when the curtains draw on a lighted stage.  It simply does not happen.  I may not be shooting an individual portfolio session or birthday party, but I am frequently interested and involved in the activities and events that are happening locally in the Seacoast area, or wherever I may be visiting.  Sometimes these may be school or town sponsored events, possibly sporting events that my children may be involved in or even just checking out the local scenery, sights or businesses.  I'm ready to capture whatever I feel in my heart warrants the next close of my shutter.

Photographers are also big sharers!  We absolutely love to pass on our images along for others to view.  Our photographs are like our "babies" and we can't wait to show them off,  in the hopes they bring someone else a smile, as they did us.

Then, if we are lucky enough, they do just that!  They make someone smile or allow them to see the beauty in something that seemed so simple until it was photographed and displayed with a new perspective.  Photography is an art and it is very personal.  It touches everyone differently.  My photography style may tug at your heartstrings or it may not.  I hope it does.

So, with quite a few people reaching out to me about such photographs, I have started a new collection entitled, "Around the Town Images."  These are images that I may shoot that are not involved in an individual portfolio session.  You may see them posted on my Facebook page, Lisa Wotkowicz Photography or my business website.  These edited and high quality full resolution digital images can be purchased individually for $15.00 for personal use or printing. 

Do you see something that makes you smile?  Did I capture a photograph that would look perfect framed on a vacant wall in your hallway?  Maybe I caught your child score the winning play?  Wonderful!

 Message or call me and request your Photographer's Around the Town Image...