Delivery day...

Hey guys! 

Does everyone get excited like me when FedEx rings your doorbell or when you see the brown boxes stacked at your front door? For me it means, photography goodies have arrived!

It can also mean photography goodies have arrived for you!  

Professional photography is an investment.  Your investment includes the photographer's professional training, a seasoned eye, high quality cameras and lenses and hours of tedious editing to create a photo with perfect color, contrast, detail and clarity.

However, most people make the common mistake of leaving their digitals in the darkness of their drives or clouds, never converted to paper to be framed or showcased for others to ogle over.  Please don't do that...I cringe just thinking about it, even though I can be found guilty as well.  

If people do send their images out to be printed they will typically use big box retailers, because of the convenience and cost, but mostly by the simple lack of understanding of the print process. Big box retailers are not professional print labs.  They do not specialize in the art of photography printing, so hence they do not invest in the same equipment or paper as a professional print lab.  Just these two variables can produce staggering differences in the final printed photograph.  This is before we even touch upon calibration of the printer or the simple knowledge of the sales associate operating the machine.  Again, these are non-pro labs.

Is professional printing more costly?  Yes, I'm not going to dispute that fact, however, I promise you that it will be worth the investment.  Do you need everything professionally printed?  No.  If 4x6 images are going into an album, then perhaps you go with the convenience and cost of a non-pro lab.  If you want a larger image to be framed or a photo created on stretch canvas or bamboo, then maybe that is where you should support your investment.  

Either way the decision is personal and it is all yours to make.  I am happy to help with any questions you may have.  

However, if you get excited by FedEx deliveries, I can help with that too...