Around The Town Images...Guys & Dolls Dance 2016

This was the fifth year my daughter attended the Lincoln Akerman Guys & Dolls Dance, but it was my first time to see what actually happens on this special evening.  Wow!  To all the moms, let me tell you why your daughter looks forward to this night...  

The night begins at the Ashworth ballroom in Hampton Beach.  These girls all look gorgeous and I'm sure they feel it as their dads beam with pride.  They get to enjoy a sit down dinner with the main guy in their life and then it's all about hitting the dance floor for the night with friends.  And I mean...ALL NIGHT!  The room quickly warms from the energy radiating from the dance floor.  The speakers blare with pop music from today and a few rock-n-roll classics from the 80's for the dads.  I wanted to drop my camera and cut a rug with these girls...they were having an absolute blast!  It was nice to see all the smiling faces and hear the laughter thru out the night.

I did not plan to stay as long as I did, but the girls loved being around the camera and I was having such a blast capturing their happiness.  

If you see any moments below that you are interested in, please email me and I will send you a fully edited high resolution digital.  These photographs are part of my Photographer Around Town Images and are available to be purchased for $15 individually.

Thank you Guys and Dolls for letting me see what all us moms are missing out on!

Keep smiling and cutting a rug...