Tracking trails...

Hunting Shoot
Hampton Falls, New Hampshire
April 6, 2016

Today I was fortunate to do something I have never done!  I went on a hunting tour in a section of woods in Hampton Falls with a young man who I know and am very fond of, and his trusted lab, Wilson.  I've been friends with Eli and his family for about five years.  His father, a true outdoorsman has passed on his passion of the sport to his son.  We walked on the trails for about an hour and he explained several tracks left in the remaining snow of different animals that had walked there before us.  
It was really an eye-opening experience into a world I knew nothing about.  There was a calming just walking along as the leaves crunched beneath our boots and I could see that Eli was in his element.  His happy place.  
 It was quite interesting when I thought about it later at home as I was editing images...we both walked along with our passions always racing in the back of our minds, even as we chatted.  Eli closely following the land for tracks and I kept monitoring the sky for light.  We both did what we loved and hey, we were even both "shooting."

Keep smiling Eli and tracking those trails!
xo, Lisa