It's a perfect day for a cold one...

I am super excited about my blog post today!  Over the past couple of months I worked in collaboration with a beer company as they developed a new website for their brand.  We did many location shoots where we positioned product, poured...positioned product, poured...positioned product, poured... I think you get the picture!  Product photography is a ton of fun, but requires patience and an adoration for capturing the details just so.  As everyone knows, I tend to be a bit obsessive-compulsive (which I'm sure drives my family and many others nutty), but it comes in handy for jobs like this.

I am so thrilled for Chagrin Beer Company with their highly anticipated launch and wish them nothing but success and many pours in the days, months and years ahead!  Thank you for asking Lisa Wotkowicz Photography to be behind the lens on this exciting project!

PS I highly recommend the Summer Daze ;)  Check them out!