The Unplugged Wedding...

The Big Day is finally here and everyone is bubbling over with joy for the stunning couple as they are about to meet each other at the alter, exchange their sentimental vows, seal it with a kiss and walk down the aisle in wedded bliss happily ever after. Sounds perfect, right?  And it should be perfect, however the only problem are the guests aren't really in the moment because many of them are viewing the ceremony thru a phone, ipad and even their own camera.  The other problem?  The hired professional photographer is capturing a sea of smartphones and tablets in the air as he/she is trying to capture the moments they were paid to do.  And the worst problem of all?  The guests who are photographing or videoing the moment for themselves or to share on social media could be obstructing the photographer's view from getting a key shot like, the first kiss.  As photographers, we understand everyone wants to have their own memories to share and you should, but please understand we have been hired by the bride and groom who have invested in us and are depending that we provide them with the best and most artistic moments from their special day. You, as their guests, actually have the highest honor of all... you were invited to share in and witness the happily forever after unfold.  So please, "unplug" during the ceremony and key reception moments and pull out those phones, tablets and cameras to click away for that amazing second kiss on the dance floor!

Brides and grooms, how should you communicate the decision to your guests? A sign at the ceremony site is the most common way. However, you can also put a note in the program and I prefer and suggest  the officiant also announce the request before the ceremony begins.  
Signage downloads can be purchased from vendors on Etsy like this beautiful and simplistic example at CustomPrintsNYC.


Before I close out today's blog post, take a peek at this image by Thomas Stewart Photography that  went viral after he experienced a moment where the groom actually had to step out of the way of click happy guests to see his bride coming down the aisle. Can you imagine the bride's disappointment when she sees this image as "her big reveal to her husband to be!" Sigh.  Don't be that guest!  Unplug.