Runaway Farm Sneak Peek...

Last year Reese Williams asked me to photograph her beautiful family and this year it was even more special to be able to capture her sweet dad, Mr. Albin Conkey, as well as her new puppy, Raisin!  She invited me to her father's stunning residence, Runaway Farm in South Berwick Maine.  I felt like I had taken a step a back in time and her dad's hospitality and graciousness even furthered my feelings.  What a wonderful property that I would have loved to capture every nook and cranny of it's quintessential New England charm.

Thank you Reese for inviting me to capture all the beauty of your loved ones at a place that is near and dear to your heart.



PS Your dad's autobiography is already on my nightstand to start reading.  Thank you Mr. Conkey for a copy!