STA SHINE Fashion Show Gallery is live...

I know everyone has been anxiously waiting to see the images from the St. Thomas Aquinas Fashion Show last Saturday evening and today I have finally completed all of my editing!

To take a peek, just head to and click on the GALLERY tab.  Once there, please click on STA SHINE Fashion Show 2017.  To enter the gallery you will need to enter your email address and the password: shine  
Once in the gallery you can click on the slideshow tab in the right hand corner. There is sound, so please adjust your volume accordingly.

Do you see images you love and would like to purchase high quality professional prints, please just email me at  Take 20% all orders placed by April 7th!  Also, Senior Sessions are around the corner!  Just mention the STA SHINE Fashion Show and I will also take 20% off my portfolio rate with any bookings made by June 1st (shoot can take place up until September 30th).  

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Hope you love them and thank you again for having me capture an amazing evening!



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St. Thomas Aquinas SHINE Fashion Show 2017

What an amazing event! Thank you Saint Thomas Aquinas for having me capture your spectacular SHINE Fashion Show! Everyone looked stunning!  Check out the sneak peek...

Do you see an image you love and would like to purchase a professional print or wall art, please just reach out to me at  I am happy to help!

Senior sessions are around the corner!  Just mention the St. Thomas Aquinas SHINE Fashion Show and I will take 20% off my portfolio rate for STA students if booking is made by June 1st (shoot can take place up until September 30th).

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Thank you again and keep smiling!

Follow your own path...

Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking to the Photography students and staff at Saint Thomas Aquinas.  I always feel honored when asked to work or collaborate with STA because the staff is always so gracious and welcoming and the students just as engaging.
The main focus of my visit was to discuss my story.  What has been my journey to open Lisa Wotkowicz Photography?  To give some direction on my career path traveled, as well as a few photography techniques, tips and what I have learned along the way...and continue to learn!  I have been out of high school 25 years this coming May ( can that be?), but only recently turned my photography bug into my career.  For over twelve years retail buying was in my blood and my four year college degree from UMASS Amherst states my major as Apparel Marketing, not Photography.  However that's life, it takes twists and turns... sometimes you're the driver and other times just a passenger along for the ride.  And that's fact, I think it's divine intervention at it's best.
During the meeting, I listened to the students speak of their college choices, aspirations and career goals, as well as see their eyes light up with the talk of camera bodies & glass and I was truly heartened.  Each of them is about to embark on his/her own path and that is so exciting!  I wish them all the best and look forward to sharing my knowledge with them, just as the amazing mentors who have done the same for me.  

Below is my handout that was distributed to the students.  I'm sharing it on my blog because I hope it helps anyone with the photography bug. Happy reading!

xo, Lisa


Photography takes a different path for everyone.  Don’t be afraid to follow your own...

Photography is an art and everyone sees and feels art differently. An image that may trigger my heart to flutter might be something complete opposite for you. It may be the refined editing adjustments , the simple composition of the subject, a stunning glance caught off guard or something as straightforward as color tone and saturation.

Photograph what you love. Do you prefer to shoot landscapes or are you more inspired to capture human emotion?  Does freezing nature in all it’s glory get you excited to download your images or would you much prefer to catch the glimmering lights of the city architecture at dusk? My point is, shoot your passion and shoot it as often as possible!

Photography is a craft and like any craft, it needs to be honed. You will become a better photographer when you continually sharpen your skill set. Take your camera out. Get out of Automatic Mode…in fact, don’t ever use it!

Understand how your camera works. Photography is based on three fundamental components; Aperture (Depth of Field), Shutter Speed (Control of Motion) and ISO (Light) and they all need to work harmoniously to achieve a properly exposed image. Play with the settings, adjust your ISO, shoot a flowing waterfall at different shutter speeds to see the change in the image. Shoot a portrait and see how the subject’s persona or individuality jumps off the photograph when you dial the F-stop wide open. There are no hardened steadfast rules in photography, but there are guidelines, that once you have a strong grasp of, will allow you to take your images to the next level.

Do you like to read? If you are anything like me, I would much prefer to flip thru a book with amazing imagery because that is how right-brained people work! We want to see shapes, patterns, colors, and explore creativity and emotion and not look at monochromatic pages of text. However, we do need to read to fully understand photography concepts and photography books are a wonderful resource for that because they do offer the best of both worlds. There is something very comforting when sitting down with a good book and perusing page by page to gain knowledge and understanding versus a brightly lit computer screen. One book that I would highly recommend, which was recommended to me by my mentor is Bryan Peterson’s, “Understanding Photography Field Guide.” He does an exemplary job of explaining techniques, as well as giving advice on gear and post processing software. Personally, I feel it is an essential resource because it dedicates teaching the reader with a clean layout by providing photography examples and how they were achieved with specific camera settings. The stunning and glossy paper quality is also a big plus to make you not want to put it down!

So in conclusion, I would say the best advice that I can give is to just follow your heart. Follow your passion. Go after a career in photography if that is where your soul wants to be. However, maybe it’s but just a fun hobby for you and that is wonderful too. Understanding photography is incredible knowledge to have regardless. As your life moves along you will be digitally freezing moments, but please do me one favor…Take your camera out to capture a photograph. Don’t just rely on your phone to take a picture. There is a big difference. 

Lauren & Scott's Wedding

     It was a rainy and raw day in New England, but that did not stop Lauren & Scott's wedding taking place just how Lauren always envisioned it.  The outdoor ceremony at Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth may have had guests holding umbrellas over their heads, but that did not seem to rattle Lauren who handled the day's inclement weather with grace and calmness. Poised and stunning as she walked down the aisle to marry Scott, who waited beaming at his beautiful bride, seemingly unfazed by the clouds above.  Maybe, that's what we all need to remember in our relationships or marriages, that life does not always go as expected or planned.   So, just roll with it, walk thru the rain and keep smiling, because if you have someone smiling back at you that's all you need...

Congratulations Lauren & Scott!

xo, Lisa
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Callan's Senior Shoot Sneak Peek...

Another natural beauty in front of my lens! Rain, clouds or wind could not dampen this girl's beauty inside and out...
Thank you Callan! xo
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It's a perfect day for a cold one...

I am super excited about my blog post today!  Over the past couple of months I worked in collaboration with a beer company as they developed a new website for their brand.  We did many location shoots where we positioned product, poured...positioned product, poured...positioned product, poured... I think you get the picture!  Product photography is a ton of fun, but requires patience and an adoration for capturing the details just so.  As everyone knows, I tend to be a bit obsessive-compulsive (which I'm sure drives my family and many others nutty), but it comes in handy for jobs like this.

I am so thrilled for Chagrin Beer Company with their highly anticipated launch and wish them nothing but success and many pours in the days, months and years ahead!  Thank you for asking Lisa Wotkowicz Photography to be behind the lens on this exciting project!

PS I highly recommend the Summer Daze ;)  Check them out!


Dolphins in the sky and turning 6...

Turning 6 for Addison meant flying dolphins, a pool of friends, family mingling and the sun shining bright all afternoon...

If all birthdays could be this magical...

Happy, Happy Addison and thank you for asking me to be there to capture the fun!




Smile today...

Do you ever scroll thru your phone images or even better take out a photo album and come across an image that just brings a smile to your face. 

Whether it is because you snapped the moment and never truly looked at it or time has elapsed and the memory is becoming hazy. 

I take hundreds of photos and in the tedious process of editing and being against the clock to get it all done, sometimes I miss truly "looking" at an image. I'm looking for the color tweak, the shadow, the blemish, the crop..anything I feel that needs attention to improve the final result. I sometimes miss the real reason I snapped that moment in time...what really caught my attention behind the lens to begin with.

This is that image today. I came across it as I was working. This photo of my son in all his pure happiness looking out at the waters. An unrehearsed moment, just a blip of life caught and forever captured in time.

This is why photography is so near and dear to my heart. It holds life forever still to smile at.  So today, take your phone out or scroll thru an old album and find your reason to smile. 


Let's look at it from this angle...

Hi Guys,

Just quick blog post today.  It's so gorgeous outside that I cannot allow myself to sit at my computer and edit all afternoon.  Hopefully you can get out and do the same!

The photography tip for today is: Angle.  

Think outside the box when shooting and try to get out of your comfort zone.  The same subject shot at several different angles produces several different outcomes. I know, it sounds like common sense, but when you see the final results it is truly eye opening.  So, put on your yoga pants, strap that gear around your neck and start squatting, bending, stretching and get the images you really love...

and the exercise you dread!

Take a peak at the images below of a rose bush in my yard.  Editing settings are the same throughout, no additional adjustments were made to any single image.  Look how amazingly different the photos feel...  

Exciting news......

Hi Everyone!  
I am beyond ecstatic to announce that I now will be offering Engagement and Weddings to the portfolio of Lisa Wotkowicz Photography!  After discussions with another admired and highly respected local professional photographer we have decided to collaborate together!
Inquiries please call and spread the love...